Pilot Interview Process

  • What can you expect at your pilot interview? After checking in for your interview, a written exam will be administered and you will have approximately 30 minutes to complete the test. To be successful please study the FAR/AIM and focus on IFR procedures. Jeppesen knowledge is also very important. 



  • A Panel Interview will be conducted and will last approximately 45 minutes. The panel will consist of at least two individuals who would like to get to know you. In general, you can expect to be interviewed by a representative from one of the following departments; HR Department, the Chief Pilots office and/or the Training Department. The panel will ask general HR questions and follow up with technical questions based on the written exam.


  • A simulator evaluation will also be conducted during your interview. We have the standard six pack in the Beech (we do not have GPS). Prior to the interview, you should feel proficient with NDB Approaches, DME Arc’s, and using an RMI. Instrument proficiency is key to a successful interview.


  • The simulator is privately owned. You are welcome to purchase time at this simulator. The contact phone number for the simulator is: 303-649-9901.


  • Please, keep in mind that we are very excited to meet you and want you to be successful! If you have any questions you can email: pilotjobs@flygreatlakes.com.