First Officer Information

Attention Future Airline Crew-members:

  • Great Lakes Airlines is pleased to announce on March 18, 2014, the FAA approved our FAR 135 Operation Specifications addition to our current FAR 121 Certificate. To clarify, Great Lakes Airlines does not have a separate “135 Certificate”, but an allowance through our Operations Specifications to conduct scheduled airline operations under our current 121 Certificate allowances using the Beech 1900D fleet.


  • This new undertaking allows us to hire First Officers meeting FAR 135 qualifications. They will gain the flight time and experience required for the Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) or Restricted-ATP (R-ATP) certification requirements. Once they meet these requirements they will then have the ability to start building the required time to upgrade to a 121 Captain.


  • Great Lakes Airlines also offers numerous internal advancement opportunities such as;
  • Chief Pilot’s Office Positions
  • Recruitment Assistance
  • Professional Standards Committee
  • ASAP (Aviation Safety Action Program) Committee
  • Training Department Positions
  • Ground Instructor
  • Sim/Flight Instructor
  • Line Check Airman
  • Proficiency Check Airman


  • Great Lakes Airlines is a great company with a great team. Not only will you achieve the experience needed to excel in your career, you will meet a lot of great people along the way!


  • To apply, click on the Employment Listings tab and then on Search Current Openings to find the First Officer job opening. Once there you can upload a resume or create a new resume.